Our Team

Anthony and Natalie Melikhov are entrepreneurs, global philanthropists, and the co-founders of unite4:good LLC. They’ve individually devoted their lives to making their communities a better place, and together, now focus their efforts on building a global culture that embodies the values of kindness and compassion. Utilizing networks of social influencers, governments, world leaders, and businesses, the Melikhovs are working to change the signal of our entire culture and economy from negative to positive.

Anthony and Natalie are also the driving forces behind many other philanthropic ventures, including Bright Future International (BFI), DoMore4:Good (DM4G), BFI Curriculum for the Children of Quebrada Negra, BFI and Brighton Ballet Theater Company (BBT) Junior Ambassador Program, and the Children Affected By HIV/AIDS (CHABHA) After School Program. Through their various endeavors, they also host numerous charitable events to highlight the heroes of the social good movement, such as unite4:humanity, Day of Unity Miami, Variety’s Power of Women, unite4:good Presents Behind the Curtain Project, USIN Celebrations 2013, and much more.

The Melikhovs have invested substantially in people and technologies that inspire positivity and make changes which impact millions of lives and our world. Through private non-profit 501c (3)’s, Bright Future International (BFI) and DoMore4:Good, along with contributions made through unite4:good, the Melikhovs have provided grants, program funding, and event support to help those who are trying to help the world.

Anthony & Natalie’s philanthropic impact:

Over 5,000,000 individuals positively impacted through programs provided by Bright Future International
Over 4.6 million individuals benefited through partner and founding affiliate nonprofit organizations
Health, Food, and Welfare: 35,000 young people and adults have access to comprehensive care and treatment of HIV/AIDS. Support of 104 food banks equating to 14.5 million meals
Children, Teens, and Youth Education: supported 3.9 million active kids, trained 1.2 million teen leaders, benefitted over 10,000 students, and 6,516,545 kids and youths around the world
Communities, Families, Parents, Adults: Supported 4,000 communities across the world, 500 families as well as over 96 million directly indirectly and impacted individuals, and inspired countless Acts of Kindness (AoK)
Farms, Emissions, Animal Welfare: Reduced 33,500 tons of greenhouse emissions, created and support 105,000 farms in Malawi, Rwanda, Tanzania, rescue 269 dogs per year and rally over ONE MILLION Volunteers per year

Bright Future International is lead by a core team of visionaries who hail from all parts of the globe. Together, we have decades of combined experience in the non-profit and philanthropic world. We are…

Natalie is the President and Chairman of the Board of Bright Future International, and President and Publisher of Unite4:Good Magazine.

Originally hailing from Ukraine, Mrs. Melikhov’s life and career have exposed her to many far-reaching parts of the world and informed her beliefs in the role cross-cultural collaboration has in making the world a better place. As President of Bright Future International, Natalie has worked with the fundamental principles of how to create and sustain a positive cultural eco-system, and empower youth to create one around them as well. Unite4:Good Magazine is an extension of this work, reshaping the media into an active landscape that shines a spotlight on the everyday heroes of the world. With Anthony, Natalie’s vision has extended to other nonprofit organizations, including DoMore4:Good (DM4G), BFI Curriculum for the Children of Quebrada Negra, BFI and Brighton Ballet Theater Company (BBT) Junior Ambassador Program, and the Children Affected By HIV/AIDS (CHABHA) After School Program. Through their various endeavors, they also host numerous charitable events to highlight the heroes of the social good movement, such as unite4:humanity, Day of Unity Miami, Variety’s Power of Women, unite4:good Presents Behind the Curtain Project, USIN Celebrations 2013, and much more.


I know how to make the impossible possible. I have an SEO, Social Psychology, Media, and Big Event Organizing background. I love people, but especially kids because of their kindness, creativity, and love for them are natural.


Master of Journalism at the National University of Uzbekistan; Master of Law, Master of Psychology, & MBA at Lomonosov Moscow State University


I love the coordination and managing all aspects of an ongoing program which includes creating, planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling program activities for the overall success of the Organization. We want today’s children to grow up in a world better than our current one. While headlines often focus on what’s wrong, in many ways, the world is changing for the better. Health is improving, poverty is shrinking, knowledge is growing, people are connecting, and there are technological advances in every field which means life can be drastically better than it is today. We will do our part to make this happen because we have a moral responsibility to all children in the next generation.


Psychologist and Actress with a passion for teaching kids to experiment with new forms of art and become good actors and philanthropists.


Music College, College of Medicine (Grodno, Belarus), LCSW, Oakton Community College


Love what we do and want to involve children and adults to enter our programs and become part of our movement. We are passionate about our work in influencing people to succeed.


Designer, Office Manager, Organization Guru, and NFP Enthusiast who loves helping people make a difference.


Several Degrees in Art & Design


We’re dedicated to inspiring and encouraging individuals and communities to create a global environment based on the core values of empathy, respect, inclusion, and kindness toward others.

Bright Future Studio (Chelyabinsk)

In 2011, Bright Future International and the Oleg Mityaev Foundation launched the Bright Future Studio in Chelyabinsk, Russia under the All For Children Association. The program was designed to give children from low-income homes, single parent families, foster families, physical challenges, and below-standard environments a chance for successful socialization and personal growth.

Within the first 3 months of the program, 45 children participated in 21 vocal classes, 19 classes of English and 8 classes of the ethics and esthetics. Since the program’s inception there have been distinct improvements in the children’s development, as well as in the relationships of their families – one of the primary goals of the team of teachers.

The students attend social development activities such as theater (“Pinocchio” and “The Golden Rooster”) and concert performances (Daniel Kramer & Vadim Eilenkrig, Valitov, Krill Paleolog and Vladimir Sheremetyev). Additionally, students had the opportunity to meet the world famous astronauts, Georgiy Grechko and Maxim Surayev from the Oleg Mityaev Foundation project named “The Bright Past.”

The studio strives to achieve three main objectives:

To build character development and teaching positive values such as generosity, kindness, tolerance, helpfulness, teamwork, and responsibility through a comprehensive arts and education driven curriculum.
To create a team of like-minded individuals who will effectively facilitate the educational process by enlisting teachers whose professional views and life-outlook adhere to the standards necessary for carrying out the program priorities.
To develop strategic partnerships with social partners who share the program’s ideas and values. The main focus is educational institutions that have teaching licenses, and can become the facilities in which similar projects operate.

The studio is comprised of two groups of learning: Vocal and Performing Arts. Each group has 50 children enrolled at all times and the children have to be primary or middle school students. The children are grouped by their school class schedules and individual development rate.

Achievement rates amongst the students are evaluated by their improvement in the following categories:

Displaying personal integrity and a sense of purpose.
The will to say “no” to temptations that can hinder their life’s potential or the lives of those around them.
Treating all people as equal regardless of race, age, social background or economical status.
Willingness to reach out to those in need.
Keeping a positive attitude toward any and all of life’s circumstances.
Believing in the power of good.
Responsibility for their actions.
Willingness to ask for forgiveness and to forgive.
Understanding principles of working within a team in harmony.
Respecting their elders.
The importance of caring for the environment.
Knowledge of worldly arts and culture.
Capacity to show what they learned in the program to others by example.
As the program grows, the teachers and administrators continue to expand service levels and areas of need to provide educational and artistic lessons that will benefit children. In 2012 and 2013, an association of 50 educators will come together and create a network of teachers who will collaborate on methods to improve social and educational skills amongst children.

Meet Danny. Danny is a young boy who joined the Bright Future Studio with cerebral palsy and issues with low self-esteem. Though the program creates an environment of total group inclusion of all activities, Danny was reluctant to participate and would often use his challenges to cover up for failures, even if they weren’t of a physical nature. This all changed when the studio instructors took the children on the “Positive Energy Camp” field trip. In the first few days of the camp, Danny seemed a bit lost but remained positive as he watched the other children participate in various physically challenging activities. Specifically, Danny observed as the other kids participated in a “Through the Trees” obstacle course and though his interest was indeed piqued, he didn’t know whether he should try it or not. Noticing Danny’s excitement in seeing the other children completing the course, Jesse (program teacher and counselor) asked him if he wanted to try, Danny excitedly agreed. Jesse helped him with the safety harness and got him started. It was hard at first for Danny to keep his balance on the ropes and make it through the hurdles and even got tangled a couple of times, however after receiving the encouragement from Jesse and the other teachers, Danny resolved to not give up and continue to try. And after getting over his fears and a few tries, Danny completed t