5 Values That Kids Can Learn From Playing Table Tennis

Nowadays, playing table tennis has become an important part of our life. Nothing is more amazing than playing that improves children health. Sport provides positive vibrations to your health. The truth is that playing table tennis improves the quality of life. Its not only fun, but it also distracts us from the stressful life. Children who play sports help them develop mentally and physically.

Physical exercise.
The attainment of the goal or purpose of life is closely related to the health of the person. The health of the individual is the backbone of a successful life. Just as libraries are important for people’s mental health, as well as for the physical health playground. Indoor table tennis equipment is important for the development of the physical and mental health of the individual. Table tennis has its unique but physical advantages, and exercise is a characteristic common to almost all types of sports, which play a fundamental and vital role in the development of children’s physical and mental health and mostly help to avoid common injuries to your children.

Dealing with Adversities.
Life is full of adversities. Few continuous misfortunes can have a bad impact on individual motivation level, but table tennis allows you to practice the adversities almost on daily basis. The practical involvement in facing the misfortune in table tennis develop the habit of determination and hope in the individual mind about the fact that he is going to strike better next time The hope of the sportsman always remains alive, and he observes that it has become his habit of trying again and again to achieve the goal in any field of life.

Social Skills.
The kid’s mind is extremely receptive, and it helps them to learn fast. The interactions of kids boost their confidence level and enhance their communication skills. The competitive environment allows them to engage fully in physical and mental activity which helps them in finding out the talent in their reserves that may make them special in all. It also helps the kids in making friends and sharing their unique experiences and feelings with them. It won’t be wrong to say that they explore the very attractive side of the life to make them feel better and happier.

Self Confidence.
Every kid is born with a unique talent, but it required hard work and deep digging into one’s hidden talent reserves to find out his or her unique aspect. Table tennis enables you to figure out the finest aspect of your talent which boost your self-confidence. Ones the self-confidence is achieved it starts driving your kid to almost every activity or task in his or her life. The self-confidence of a kid keeps on polishing in daily teamwork or whenever it is encouraged by parents or appreciated by coach or teammates.

Hard Work and Determination.
One of the greatest aspects of table tennis is backing up your teammates after every unsuccessful or wasted attempt which enables you to go back and try harder than before, and the process continues until the time the success is achieved. This type of daily experiences in sports build your ability to strike back with more hard and accurate manner and simultaneously it helps in developing the rock-solid foundation of determination element in child mind. The determination coupled with self-confidence may become the key to success in any field of life.

Learning should consider having sports such as table tennis as part of their program for the children because they will not just enjoy but also learn as well. Investing in table tennis equipment is not difficult as there are so many equipment that are very reasonably priced but hwith high quality as well. It’s not only investing in equipment but also investing for the betterment of the children.

Benefits of a Massage Chair for Kids and Elderly

Massage is a very popular physical therapy that is currently developing within the medical treatment field. For any person who has never used these massage chairs, then you should be aware that it has several advantages which will make you enjoy you’re as you are being massaged. Below are the benefits of a massage chair for kids and elderly you can experience when visit a massage center to be serviced.

1. Massage chair help improve mood
Research indicates that when using the massage chairs, then your body may react and produce endorphin and serotonin which are always responsible for the regulation of our anxiety, depression, mental health, and our mood. Sitting on a massage chair increase the production rate of serotonin hence a reduction on the child’s level of anxiety, stress or reduce stress. With this chair, be sure that you will find a perfect way to forget your stress after a long stressful working day. For elderly, they can have the chance of playing with grandchildren while in a Massage Chair.
2. Improves the health of your children
A child with any disorder may have a tough time to play with other normal children of their age group. But you can always help them develop and recover from their disorders quickly by allowing them to use the massaging chairs. This will see to it that their skeletal structures develop faster with an increase in the rate of absorption of magnesium, calcium and other minerals necessary in their body. The blood circulation is also improved hence making your kid stay a stress-free life.
3. Massage Chairs Help Boost Digestion
Massage relaxes the human body which means there is an improvement in the rate of blood circulation into the body. This cause the amount of nutrient absorbed in the intestinal tract to increase. As a result of the amount of food passing through the large intestine will also increase hence there will flow food along the digestive tract without any blockage. There will be no more pilling of remnant food in your body and this will keep you away from problems such as the formation of gases in your stomach and constipation. Massage also activate the parasympathetic nervous system which in turn stimulate the digestion process.

4. Strengthen your Immune systems
Massage increases the production of lymphocytes cells which are responsible for ensuring you have a strong body immune that can protect you against any viral attack. This has helped several people to develop their immune system and strengthen their defense against any infections that may affect our lives. HIV patients whose immune system have been lowered when subjected to this chair record some tremendous signs of improvements making this chair a very useful tool for physical therapy with several positive biological impacts
5. Boost Mental Alertness
During the massage, the body relaxes and a lot of blood is sent to your brain and the level of oxygen supply also increases in our body. This improves the mental alertness of a person. During this process serotonin and endorphins, hormones are released. This hormone also helps in the maintenance of mental health thus a person can be alert every time and boost the cognitive ability if a person
6. Treat Side Effects of Cancer Treatment
Cancer treatment includes options that expose the patient to a high risk of contracting other infections. The cells of the body may be affected and can make one even to be paralyzed. A cancer patient may also get stressed due to their condition which may shorten their lifespan, but with the massage chairs, the stress will be relieved hence they can be able to fight cancer in a stress-free environment. The pain is reduced and this means there can be hope for quick recovery from such patients


How Foosball game helps children to develop compassion

Indeed games are competitive in nature, along with the competitive spirit, games teach us a lot of things. Games always lead to a positive spirit in a person, so does foosball. Foosball is one of the games that let your children learn the basic principles in life. Generally, foosball is also referred to as table football. Learning while playing is the best way to learn. As you never forget those things which you have learned while you were actually enjoying doing the thing.

We all get very competitive in foosball. This is the nature of gaming that it will bring out the competitive spirit in you. The thing which matters is that it should be a healthy competition as healthy competition makes you learn more just the way a game of foosball does. It helps in developing compassion, self-esteem, kindness, hope in Children. A game of foosball is helping you to inculcate those values which you always want your child to have in him or her. It is allowing friendly competition between the players. Not only you compete, you enjoy while playing. If you are enjoying it, then surely you will win. It will teach you real sportsmanship.

Foosball is for everyone- develops compassion and kindness

Foosball is for every age group, girls, boys, old people, it is for everyone. Anyone can play, for this, you do need be physically fit either. As you will get to play with every age group, you will get to know them and there will be an exchange of communication. This will help you in learning that every player has to be respected equally despite the fact that he or she is your opponent. Further, it develops kindness and compassion at the same time. It will help in building self- esteem as well.

Foosball makes you learn to play the game in a fair manner

It is not only an entertainment attraction, it will make you think wisely and play fairly in the game. While playing, it is required that you play in an appropriate manner without any cheating. It will develop a habit of fair play in the children. In addition to it, your kids are becoming more active with this game.

Makes you more dedicated towards your goal

Foosball helps you in developing a dedicated spirit. It makes you proactive towards your goal. You strive to achieve your goal in a respectful manner. This game transforms your character into a good personality. You have to accept this challenge and with all the tactics you have learned all the while can make you win the game.

Build Hope

You will never lose hope, as you will be getting better day by day in this game. More you will play, more you will be knowing all the skills, and tactics. This will develop hope in your children and they will learn that they should never give up on their hopes.

Foosball also provides health benefits to people as it makes people more active while playing. Besides being a good game, it has lots of benefits as well.

Benefits Of Hot Water To Scholars

Hot water is considered the best asset in leading a healthy life. Hot water has a lot of definite advantages to people and therefore considered one of the best ways to ensure that one leads a healthy and robust presence. Water as a whole constitutes to 80% of the liquids in the body.

However, cold water is subjected to various risks that might cause harm to the body or bring about diseases caused by dirty water. This is why heating water is a safety precaution in ensuring that you take clean water that adds value to your body rather than causing diseases.

Different ways to heat water

There are a lot of different ways in which you can heat water. Hot water comes as a result of reaching the boiling temperature of water. They need to have a circulating supply of hot water. There are various ways in which you can heat water in this case we look at the use of tankless water heaters.

What are the tank fewer water heaters?

Scholars are generally people who are busy on the particular field they engage in. They tend to take a lot of time on their careers and therefore the best ways in which they can ensure that they consume hot water is by heating it. However, they do not have all the time to wait on the water to get hot by means such as traditional water heaters and dispensers thus the essence of tank fewer water heaters comes in.

These tankless water heaters are equipment that works by allowing water into the system. Water flows as it is instantly heated in the device. They do not retain any water apart from what is in the heat exchanger. They are the best in that their size is compact and thus does not take much space compared to the conventional tanks.

They also eliminate standby losses which involve preserving energy when water is cooling down or in the storage tanks. They are expensive compared to other types of containers but are worth the purchase because of their convenience. They operate on natural gas and also helps one is saving energy by the amount of hot water they save up for later as it will be a matter of seconds for the water to get hot by use of this machine.

Advantages of hot water

1. Improved blood circulation

Hot water is considered to be clean and thus helps a lot in flushing toxins and also cleans fat deposits in the body. This improves the blood circulation in one’s body as well as relaxing the muscles and helps in leading a healthy life.

2. Improved digestion

Drinking hot water for scholars helps improve or fasten their absorption. The body will not require a lot of energy to digest food when one drinks hot water after meals. The menu will also pass smoothly through the intestines preventing constipation.

3. Helps with pain releasing

It is not a new fact that many people apply hot water to any swollen parts in their body while women tend to use hot water on t5heir bellies during menstrual cycles. It really works wonders as the hot water helps in relieving pain.

Along with other benefits, hot water is an essential add-on in any person’s life. Scholars will buy into ideas of the benefits accrued when drinking or using hot water for different purposes. The current tank fewer water heaters have the upper hand in heating water compared to all the others.

Our Program


Chess Club
Advanced level/at least – Sundays at 11 am

Beginners level – Sundays at 12 pm

The game of chess helps young people learn to concentrate, think

logically, overcome obstacles, spot patterns and categorize

It helps with the development of problem-solving skills, planning,
patience, focus of thought and self-discipline.
Chess is a competitive activity, but, good sportsmanship and fair play
are taught as essential elements of the game.
Chess is a one-against-one activity; however, teamwork is also an
important element. This element comes into play when Club
members must practice and work on problems together.

Price based on 8 sessions – $15/one 45 min session and $25 yearly registration fee for a new students

November 13, 2016 to January 8, 2017
11:05 am – 12:05 pm



Bright Future International welcomes the support of volunteers from around the globe. We believe that in order to create a better world for our children, we must as individuals, realize you will benefit yourself most by helping others. We hope to make altruism a modern necessity, so more people become interested in participating in selfless acts – where people volunteer and donate their time not because they have to, but simply because they feel compelled to.

If you are interested in becoming an event, program or general Bright Future International Volunteer, contact us 224.676.1529 or you can email your resume to: info@usabfi.org (include “Volunteer Opportunity” in subject line).


You may also want to join our Ambassador Network – an alliance of diverse individuals who posses virtues that mirror Bright Future’s core values and principles. Participants will share in Bright Future’s overarching goal to foster an environment of empathy, love, compassion, and perpetual hope. The program unites individuals regardless of race, sex, creed, and financial status who want to give back to humanity by participating in charitable causes, doing good deeds, volunteering, and working with children so they grow up with the hope of a bright future.

To receive more information about the Bright Future Ambassadors program, click here or visit www.BrightFutureAmbassadors.org


Anthony Melikhov
Chairman & Founder
Anthony Samuel Melikhov was born in Minsk, Belarus in 1963 and moved with his family to the United States in 1989 to pursue a better life. In 1992, he founded Sagmel Inc., an over-the-counter pharmaceutical company, headquartered in Libertyville, Illinois.

In 2008, after many years of serving as President of what had become a multi-million dollar company, Anthony and his partners made the decision to sell their vested interest to Bayer AG. Anthony based his decision on a personal calling and overwhelming feeling to evaluate his path in life, striving for the pursuit of inner happiness and peace. This compelling feeling led him to want to do more for the world around him, thus establishing Bright Future.

Maya Gumirov, NCC, LPC
Maya Gumirov came to the Unites States from Russia, as a refugee in 1995. With her extensive expertise as a print and television journalist, she started to work for a Russian newspaper in Chicago, two weeks after immigrating to the Unites States. A year later, her knowledge of the Russian community was noticed by HIAS Chicago, the oldest immigration agency in Illinois, and she was hired as a media and community outreach coordinator. Maya has been involved in working with immigrants and refugees from around the globe for more than 15 years – helping them adjust in a new country. After completing a Master degree in Community Counseling (Illinois School of Professional Psychology) and passing the licensure exam, she began working as a psychotherapist. Maya’s special passion is to educate children about Holocaust and Remembrance. She conducts Commemorations for Holocaust survivors and World War II veterans and their families – connecting generations, educating and healing.

Dr. Andrew Ivanchenko
Andrew Ivanchenko, M.D. is a board certified, family practice physician whose primary focus is muscular and joint pain. Dr. Ivanchenko graduated from Saratov Medical University in 1985 and is a Healthgrades© Recognized Physician.

David Loewenguth
David Loewenguth is the Executive Director of Bright Future’s partner program, CHABHA (Children Affected by HIV/AIDS). This program raises funds for grassroots projects in Rwanda and Burundi that care for orphans and other children affected by HIV/AIDS. The community-based organizations are led by young adults who believe in fostering an environment of care and compassion to children who delight in helping young children. Older children learn trades in CHABHA’s Project Independence.

Sara Potler
Sara Potler LaHayne is the Founder & CEO of Move This World, (MTW) a global nonprofit that uses creative movement to discourage conflict, violence and bullying in local communities around the world. A graduate of the University of Virginia, Sara is a Global Shaper with the World Economic Forum; an American Express Emerging Innovator; a Cordes Fellow with the Opportunity Collaboration; a Peace X Peace 2012 Women, Power, & Peace Award Winner (Generation Peace Award); the only U.S. recipient of the Youth Leader Award by the Inter-American Development Bank Annual Board of Governors Meeting; an Ashoka Activating Empathy Award Winner; a two-time Beyond Sport Award Finalist; a StartingBloc Fellow; a Finalist Nominee Social Entrepreneur/Innovator for the Women’s Information Network 18th Annual Young Women of Achievement Award; 1 of 3 Artists Transforming the World by the Arts and Healing Network; a Susan Schiffer Stautberg Leadership Fellow. She has been featured in Forbes, The Washington Post, The Guardian, The Carnegie Council’s Policy Innovations, Americans for the Arts, Ashoka, El Tiempo, Unrest Magazine, Rising Pyramid, Whole Living Magazine, Martha Stewart Radio on SiriusXM,and the International Platform on Sport and Peace, among others.

Karen Lodygowski
Secretary of the Board
Karen M Lodygowski currently serves as Controller for Bright Future International. Ms. Lodygowski found her way to Bright Future International in 2012 after pursing volunteer opportunities for several charities. Her volunteer work not only put her on the path to rediscovering her life-long passion for helping people, but also provided a perfect opportunity to apply her background and talents in ways that benefited the greater good (Karen holds several degrees in the Arts & Design). In high school she started workingin the nonprofit sector and that tapped into her love for making a positive difference. And, although she experienced genuine fulfillment and joy in that position which she held into her college years, she thought she had to a get a “grown up” job and thus ventured off into the corporate world. Before following her heart and returning to the nonprofit world, she served as a Director of Operations, a Principle owner of a boutique kitchen design firm, an office manager, a project manager a lead designer and an all-around organization guru. All of Karen’s experiences both within the profit and nonprofit sectors, and as a mother to an awesome son, helped her to the realization that working in a nonprofit is THE “grown up” job.

Ryan Hampton
Ryan Hampton is a founding partner of a full service strategic fundraising and public relations firm. Ryan’s work with nonprofit organizations, governments, NGOs, and political campaigns over the years has raised tens of millions of dollars for different causes. He has experience in fundraising, community outreach, leadership development, legislation and political consulting. Ryan is an alumni of the Clinton/Gore administration having served in the White House as an assistant to the Vice President. Additionally, he has worked with the Democratic National Committee, Florida Democratic Party, former U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno,the William Jefferson Clinton Foundation, Obama for America, as well as numerous members of Congress, the Senate, and Governors across the country. He attended Marymount University and is certified by various institutions including M.I.T. and Harvard University.

Andrew Richmond
Andrew Richmond, a veteran in-house licensing attorney with over 19 years of industry experience, founded Richmond Management Group in 2003. In founding RMG, Andy’s goal was to assist companies that did not require fulltime licensing counsel by providing top-flight legal representation on an as-needed, basis. Andy possesses unique licensing industry knowledge having represented both the licensed property (licensor) and manufacturer (licensee). Few attorneys have firsthand experience from both sides of the negotiation table and this perspective enables Andy to forge workable, legally-compliant documents in a professional and time effective manner

Andy received his BA in English and American Government from Franklin & Marshall College and his JD from the University of Maryland School of Law.

Geneva Wasserman
Geneva Wasserman is a seasoned entertainment professional and intellectual property licensing attorney, currently leading the commercial division of Invision by the Associated Press in the role of Director of Business Development. Her skills include intellectual property licensing, talent management, public and media relations, business affairs and business development. She is the proud mother of two children and resides in Los Angeles with her husband Adam.


Wilmer Valderama
Wilmer Valderrama, best known as ‘Fez’ on That’s 70’s Show, has produced, directed, written, hosted & acted in a number of film and television projects; Wilmer was most recently seen in: NBC’s Awake, Larry Crowne, The Dry Land, From Prada to Nada, and is the iconic voice of ‘Manny’ on Disney’s Handy Manny. He also serves as the spokesperson for CHCI, Environmental Media Association Board Member, and Co-Chair for VotoLatino.

Forest Whitaker
Forest Steven Whitaker is an American actor, producer, and director. He has earned a reputation for intensive character study work for films such as Bird and Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai and for his recurring role as ex-LAPD Lieutenant Jon Kavanaugh on the award-winning television series, The Shield. Whitaker won an Academy Award for his performance as Ugandan dictator Idi Amin in the 2006 film The Last King of Scotland. In June 2011 Whitaker was inducted as a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador For Peace and Reconciliation. He is currently serving as the Founder and President of the PeacEarth Project – a not-for-profit organization with an international scope and reach to help societies affected by conflicts and violence transform into safe and productive communities.

Secretary of State Jesse White
Jesse Clark White is a Democratic American politician. He is currently the 37th and second-longest serving Secretary of State of Illinois, after James A. Rose, and the first African American to hold this position. White was born in Alton, Illinois.

Our Team

Anthony and Natalie Melikhov are entrepreneurs, global philanthropists, and the co-founders of unite4:good LLC. They’ve individually devoted their lives to making their communities a better place, and together, now focus their efforts on building a global culture that embodies the values of kindness and compassion. Utilizing networks of social influencers, governments, world leaders, and businesses, the Melikhovs are working to change the signal of our entire culture and economy from negative to positive.

Anthony and Natalie are also the driving forces behind many other philanthropic ventures, including Bright Future International (BFI), DoMore4:Good (DM4G), BFI Curriculum for the Children of Quebrada Negra, BFI and Brighton Ballet Theater Company (BBT) Junior Ambassador Program, and the Children Affected By HIV/AIDS (CHABHA) After School Program. Through their various endeavors, they also host numerous charitable events to highlight the heroes of the social good movement, such as unite4:humanity, Day of Unity Miami, Variety’s Power of Women, unite4:good Presents Behind the Curtain Project, USIN Celebrations 2013, and much more.

The Melikhovs have invested substantially in people and technologies that inspire positivity and make changes which impact millions of lives and our world. Through private non-profit 501c (3)’s, Bright Future International (BFI) and DoMore4:Good, along with contributions made through unite4:good, the Melikhovs have provided grants, program funding, and event support to help those who are trying to help the world.

Anthony & Natalie’s philanthropic impact:

Over 5,000,000 individuals positively impacted through programs provided by Bright Future International
Over 4.6 million individuals benefited through partner and founding affiliate nonprofit organizations
Health, Food, and Welfare: 35,000 young people and adults have access to comprehensive care and treatment of HIV/AIDS. Support of 104 food banks equating to 14.5 million meals
Children, Teens, and Youth Education: supported 3.9 million active kids, trained 1.2 million teen leaders, benefitted over 10,000 students, and 6,516,545 kids and youths around the world
Communities, Families, Parents, Adults: Supported 4,000 communities across the world, 500 families as well as over 96 million directly indirectly and impacted individuals, and inspired countless Acts of Kindness (AoK)
Farms, Emissions, Animal Welfare: Reduced 33,500 tons of greenhouse emissions, created and support 105,000 farms in Malawi, Rwanda, Tanzania, rescue 269 dogs per year and rally over ONE MILLION Volunteers per year

Bright Future International is lead by a core team of visionaries who hail from all parts of the globe. Together, we have decades of combined experience in the non-profit and philanthropic world. We are…

Natalie is the President and Chairman of the Board of Bright Future International, and President and Publisher of Unite4:Good Magazine.

Originally hailing from Ukraine, Mrs. Melikhov’s life and career have exposed her to many far-reaching parts of the world and informed her beliefs in the role cross-cultural collaboration has in making the world a better place. As President of Bright Future International, Natalie has worked with the fundamental principles of how to create and sustain a positive cultural eco-system, and empower youth to create one around them as well. Unite4:Good Magazine is an extension of this work, reshaping the media into an active landscape that shines a spotlight on the everyday heroes of the world. With Anthony, Natalie’s vision has extended to other nonprofit organizations, including DoMore4:Good (DM4G), BFI Curriculum for the Children of Quebrada Negra, BFI and Brighton Ballet Theater Company (BBT) Junior Ambassador Program, and the Children Affected By HIV/AIDS (CHABHA) After School Program. Through their various endeavors, they also host numerous charitable events to highlight the heroes of the social good movement, such as unite4:humanity, Day of Unity Miami, Variety’s Power of Women, unite4:good Presents Behind the Curtain Project, USIN Celebrations 2013, and much more.


I know how to make the impossible possible. I have an SEO, Social Psychology, Media, and Big Event Organizing background. I love people, but especially kids because of their kindness, creativity, and love for them are natural.


Master of Journalism at the National University of Uzbekistan; Master of Law, Master of Psychology, & MBA at Lomonosov Moscow State University


I love the coordination and managing all aspects of an ongoing program which includes creating, planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling program activities for the overall success of the Organization. We want today’s children to grow up in a world better than our current one. While headlines often focus on what’s wrong, in many ways, the world is changing for the better. Health is improving, poverty is shrinking, knowledge is growing, people are connecting, and there are technological advances in every field which means life can be drastically better than it is today. We will do our part to make this happen because we have a moral responsibility to all children in the next generation.


Psychologist and Actress with a passion for teaching kids to experiment with new forms of art and become good actors and philanthropists.


Music College, College of Medicine (Grodno, Belarus), LCSW, Oakton Community College


Love what we do and want to involve children and adults to enter our programs and become part of our movement. We are passionate about our work in influencing people to succeed.


Designer, Office Manager, Organization Guru, and NFP Enthusiast who loves helping people make a difference.


Several Degrees in Art & Design


We’re dedicated to inspiring and encouraging individuals and communities to create a global environment based on the core values of empathy, respect, inclusion, and kindness toward others.

Bright Future Studio (Chelyabinsk)

In 2011, Bright Future International and the Oleg Mityaev Foundation launched the Bright Future Studio in Chelyabinsk, Russia under the All For Children Association. The program was designed to give children from low-income homes, single parent families, foster families, physical challenges, and below-standard environments a chance for successful socialization and personal growth.

Within the first 3 months of the program, 45 children participated in 21 vocal classes, 19 classes of English and 8 classes of the ethics and esthetics. Since the program’s inception there have been distinct improvements in the children’s development, as well as in the relationships of their families – one of the primary goals of the team of teachers.

The students attend social development activities such as theater (“Pinocchio” and “The Golden Rooster”) and concert performances (Daniel Kramer & Vadim Eilenkrig, Valitov, Krill Paleolog and Vladimir Sheremetyev). Additionally, students had the opportunity to meet the world famous astronauts, Georgiy Grechko and Maxim Surayev from the Oleg Mityaev Foundation project named “The Bright Past.”

The studio strives to achieve three main objectives:

To build character development and teaching positive values such as generosity, kindness, tolerance, helpfulness, teamwork, and responsibility through a comprehensive arts and education driven curriculum.
To create a team of like-minded individuals who will effectively facilitate the educational process by enlisting teachers whose professional views and life-outlook adhere to the standards necessary for carrying out the program priorities.
To develop strategic partnerships with social partners who share the program’s ideas and values. The main focus is educational institutions that have teaching licenses, and can become the facilities in which similar projects operate.

The studio is comprised of two groups of learning: Vocal and Performing Arts. Each group has 50 children enrolled at all times and the children have to be primary or middle school students. The children are grouped by their school class schedules and individual development rate.

Achievement rates amongst the students are evaluated by their improvement in the following categories:

Displaying personal integrity and a sense of purpose.
The will to say “no” to temptations that can hinder their life’s potential or the lives of those around them.
Treating all people as equal regardless of race, age, social background or economical status.
Willingness to reach out to those in need.
Keeping a positive attitude toward any and all of life’s circumstances.
Believing in the power of good.
Responsibility for their actions.
Willingness to ask for forgiveness and to forgive.
Understanding principles of working within a team in harmony.
Respecting their elders.
The importance of caring for the environment.
Knowledge of worldly arts and culture.
Capacity to show what they learned in the program to others by example.
As the program grows, the teachers and administrators continue to expand service levels and areas of need to provide educational and artistic lessons that will benefit children. In 2012 and 2013, an association of 50 educators will come together and create a network of teachers who will collaborate on methods to improve social and educational skills amongst children.

Meet Danny. Danny is a young boy who joined the Bright Future Studio with cerebral palsy and issues with low self-esteem. Though the program creates an environment of total group inclusion of all activities, Danny was reluctant to participate and would often use his challenges to cover up for failures, even if they weren’t of a physical nature. This all changed when the studio instructors took the children on the “Positive Energy Camp” field trip. In the first few days of the camp, Danny seemed a bit lost but remained positive as he watched the other children participate in various physically challenging activities. Specifically, Danny observed as the other kids participated in a “Through the Trees” obstacle course and though his interest was indeed piqued, he didn’t know whether he should try it or not. Noticing Danny’s excitement in seeing the other children completing the course, Jesse (program teacher and counselor) asked him if he wanted to try, Danny excitedly agreed. Jesse helped him with the safety harness and got him started. It was hard at first for Danny to keep his balance on the ropes and make it through the hurdles and even got tangled a couple of times, however after receiving the encouragement from Jesse and the other teachers, Danny resolved to not give up and continue to try. And after getting over his fears and a few tries, Danny completed t